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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is designed to help people who suffer repeated bouts of depression and chronic unhappiness. It combines the ideas of cognitive therapy with meditative practices and attitudes based on the cultivation of mindfulness. The heart of this work lies in becoming acquainted with the modes of mind that often characterize mood disorders while simultaneously learning to develop a new relationship to them. MBCT was developed by Zindel Segal, Mark Williams and John Teasdale, based on Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program.

This website provides information ranging from the practical aspects of MBCT classes to the theoretical basis for its development and effectiveness. Feel free to explore.

The Mindful Way Through Depression is a new book written for anyone who suffers from depression and would like to find a way to improve their own lives through mindfulness. It is available from Amazon.com and local bookstores. Please see our Books page for more information about The Mindful Way Through Depression and other books about mindfulness and MBCT.

"Using mindfulness training to prevent and treat depression is a novel strategy in the West, though it is a traditional application of Eastern meditation practice. Whether you struggle with depression or simply want to understand your mind and emotions better, you will find this book accessible and useful. Depression is epidemic in our society, and I would love to see this sensible treatment approach gain ground."

--Andrew Weil, MD, author of 8 Weeks to Optimum Health and Healthy Aging

"If I could select one group of individuals for people to really pay attention to when grappling with chronic unhappiness, I could not think of a better group than these authors. Not only are they consummate scientists, but they are each personally immersed in the moment-to-moment mindfulness that they teach. This book brings together the contemplative practices of both science and insight meditation in an effective fashion that is understandable to the ordinary person--no esoteric practice or mental health background is necessary. Read it and see for yourself!"

--Marsha M. Linehan, PhD, founder of Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder


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